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Home Repair Program

Purpose: To provide home repair services and accessibility modifications for veterans and emergency responders in Oklahoma. The goal of the TFCU Foundation is to keep veterans in their homes longer by helping ensure the home is safe and accessible.

Vision: To serve veterans and their families by guiding them in their understanding of the home repairs needed and to assist them as they navigate through programs designed to support them in their homes.

The foundation’s focus will be to connect the veteran and their family with the right program or contractor to fulfill their needs. This may include:

  • Coordinating or completing the repairs.
  • Repairing or replacing appliances needed for self-sufficient living.
  • Providing relocation assistance if the situation cannot be repaired or remedied quickly.
  • Providing special accommodations for veterans living with trauma.

Success for Veterans Program

Purpose: To provide financial assistance to organizations that serve veterans by issuing grants to meet needs that are not funded.

Vision: The foundation seeks to eliminate obstacles for veterans by issuing grants to meet unfunded needs that veterans may have, boosting both the nonprofit and the veterans in attaining success.

Branch Community Impact Program

Purpose: To connect veterans with the services they need and to support mental wellness initiatives for first responders
in the communities surrounding TFCU branches.

Vision: The vision for the branch community impact is to bridge the connection between a veteran and services outside of their areas. We will connect qualifying veterans with the resources they need to lead successful lives and to support emergency responder mental wellness initiatives.

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